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Monday, 1 March 2010

Beggar's Banquet (Mono) (1968)

The album that returned the Stones to their roots after the psychedelic sojourn of Satanic Majesties! That said, they'd still never made anything like this. It's a return to the blues, sure, but only at it's root, and a largely acoustic flavour is in evidence. 'Sympathy For The Devil', 'Stray Cat Blues' and 'Street Fighting Man' all wander into new territory for the band, and there is also more of a country flavour in songs like 'Dear Doctor', 'No Expectations' and 'Factory Girl'. In my humble opinion, their best album!

Download here

1."Sympathy for the Devil"
2."No Expectations"
3."Dear Doctor"
4."Parachute Woman"
5."Jigsaw Puzzle"
6."Street Fighting Man"
7."Prodigal Son" (Robert Wilkins)
8."Stray Cat Blues"
9."Factory Girl"
10."Salt of the Earth"
Plus assorted bonus tracks