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Monday, 7 December 2009

Between The Buttons (Mono) (1967) (Re-post)

Coming straight after the heavily praised Aftermath, this album is a bit of a forgotten gem in the Stones' cannon. Despite the lack of any well-known material, this does contain a few of their best tunes such as Backstreet Girl, She Smiled Sweetly and Yesterday's Papers. Released early in 67, it disproves the notion that the Stones had temporarily lost their mojo that year. Between the Buttons is a breezy pop album in which you can hear the influence of Bob Dylan (particularly on Who's Been Sleeping Here), and also of old English music hall (Cool, Calm, Collected and Something Happened To Me Yesterday). In my opinion this is a more focused and consistent album that Aftermath, even if it doesn't have anything on it of the stature of Under My Thumb or Out of Time. This is the Stones '67 style, full of sneering misogyny (not neccessarily a good thing), naive charm and rocking tunes.

1. "Yesterday's Papers"
2. "My Obsession"
3. "Back Street Girl"
4. "Connection"
5. "She Smiled Sweetly"
6. "Cool, Calm, and Collected"
7. "All SoldOut"
8. "Please Go Home"
9. "Who's Been Sleeping Here?"
11."Miss Amanda Jones"
12."Something Happened to Me Yesterday"
13. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby
14. Get Yourself Together
15. If You Let Me
16. Let’s Spend The Night Together
17. Ruby Tuesday
18. Who’s Driving Your Plane
19. Yesterday’s Papers (Backing Track)

Download It Here


  1. I just discovered this interesting blog, had a quick look but haven't noticed any comments...shame!
    This is my favourite Stones album and fair enough it might be missing hits or let's call them leading tracks but as an album as such, if you ask me,it plays better than others.
    Mind you the Americans repaired that by adding "Let's spend the night together" and "Ruby Tuesady" but then taking two of my real faves out...especially "Backstreet girl".
    Too often maligned and thought of as a forgettable bit of Stones wrong!

  2. And absolutely essential in mono. Thanks!