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Monday, 7 December 2009

Their Satanic Majesties Request (Mono) (1967)

Drugs busts, media hoo-hah, court cases, incarceration... 1967 was becoming the Rolling Stones' annus horiblis. It's a miracle they made any music that year, let alone two albums! Satanic Majesties is unfairly maligned if you ask me. It is not a cheap rip-off of The Beatles Sgt Pepper, although the cover art doesn't help abate that comparison. This record sounds exactly like the Stones, rough and ready R&B with plenty of swagger, but it's a tad psychedelicised. It was for this that criticisms were levelled at the band, hippy trippyness was not how the public wanted to hear the band. Although if you chart the sound of the group from Aftermath through to Satanic Majesties you can hear the sound progressing to that point naturally, this was not (as has been said) a cynical band wagon jumping excercise. None of the music on this album comes close stylistically to anything the Beatles would have done, it's a Stones record and that's that. No album that contains She's a Rainbow, 2000 Light Years From Home or 2000 Man can be considered a failure (although you may want to skip Sing This All Together (See What Happen's)). I think this is a great album. Top drawer psych R&B, unfairly dismissed by all. Don't listen to them, listen to this. Oh yeah, and included in the bonus tracks is We Love You, my favourite Stones song.

1. "Sing This All Together"
2. "Citadel"
3. "In Another Land" (Bill Wyman)
4. "2000 Man"
5. "Sing This All Together (See What Happens) *"
6. "She's a Rainbow"
7. "The Lantern"
8. "Gomper"
9. "2000 Light Years from Home"
10."On with the Show"
11. Child Of The Moon
12. We Love You
13. Dandelion
14. The Lantern (Alternate Mix)
15. In Another Land (Alternate Mix)
16. She’s A Rainbow (Alternate Mix)
17. Untitled
18. 2000 Light Years from Home (Rough Mix)
19. 2000 Man (Rehearsals)
20. Gold Painted Nails

Download It Here

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