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Monday, 14 December 2009

Aftermath (Mono) (1966)

This is the mid 60s masterpiece by the Stones, but it's not an album I've found easy to get into as the stereo mix is awful, and I have never been able to track down a mono version. Until now! The problem is that all the backing tracks are panned into one speaker and the overdubs and vocals are panned in the other at a louder volume. But no longer! So now, feast your ears upon the album the way it was intended. Lovely stuff!

Download It Here

1."Mother's Little Helper"
2."Stupid Girl"
3."Lady Jane"
4."Under My Thumb"
5."Doncha Bother Me"
6."Goin' Home"
7."Flight 505"
8."High and Dry"
9."Out of Time"
10."It's Not Easy"
11."I Am Waiting"
12."Take It or Leave It"
14."What to Do"
15.Ride On Babe
16.Sittin On A Fence
17.My Girl
18.Out Of Time (US Version)

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